Cured in Place Pipe Lining

Capital Sewer Services Inc. has compiled a team of experts to create an Ontario based leader in the Cured in Place Lining industry. With installation and managerial personnel with over 35 years of combined experience in cured in place pipe technologies, Capital has rehabilitated over 60 kilometers of municipal and commercial sewer pipe in the past five years.

Our impressive list of Past Projects (PDF File) reflects the experience of Capital’s management staff as gained through projects completed with, Insituform Technologies, Azurix/Uniflo Corporation, Channeline North America, The Lining Company and Thames Water Services (UK) to name but a few.

Together we have worked in every major municipality in Ontario as well as others nationwide, with recent projects completed in Victoria and Langley, British Columbia and Moncton, New Brunswick.

National Liner, Supplier of Cured in Place Materials

Capital have recently aligned with the National Envirotech Group and become the first Canadian Certified installer and Service Provider of National Liner, the second largest supplier of cured in place materials in North America. This alliance gives Capital Sewer Services Inc. an unequalled network of technical expertise, installation equipment, not to mention the highest quality products and materials in the business today.

What is CIPP?

What is Cured in Place Lining