Large Diameter Sewer Rehabilitation

For the rehabilitation of larger diameter, non circular profile sewers and culverts Capital Sewer Services Inc. offers the Channeline Sewer Lining System (GRP). Channeline has been around in the industry since 1984 and as such, has proved to be a tried and tested Trenchless Solution for many wastewater applications worldwide.

Before and after shots of large diameter sewer rehab

Channeline products are engineered and manufactured to provide long term, structural, cost effective and safe solutions for the renovation for deteriorating and unstable culverts and pipes.

Channeline products

Channeline GRP systems can be designed to fit almost any profile whether Round, Egg shaped, square or rectangular, symmetrical or non-symmetrical, thus achieving maximum flexibility in the design stage and minimum reduction in flow capacity.

The liner wall is constructed of several layers, the first being a corrosion barrier, followed by a layer of resin impregnated glass mat. The center core is consists of a silica sand and isophthalic resin matrix to form the required design thickness. The outer surface is a glass mat/resin layer which is coated with aggregate to enhance the adhesion of the backfill, which is normally cement based grout.

The GRP liner panels, being around 8ft in length are installed inside the existing structure and once the entire length is completed the annular space is filled with a cement/flyash grout.

Installing GRP liner panels

All of Capitals GRP liners are designed by experienced engineering professionals in accordance with the Water Research Centers (WRC) Sewerage Rehabilitation Manual and WIS #4-34-02. Specification for Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Sewer Lining.

Please see Case Studies for details of Capital Sewer Services Inc.’s staff experience with Channeline GRP Lining Systems.